Why Reduxo?

Reduxo was formed with a simple and yet extremely value-adding motto in mind - Reduxo exists to:

"provide solutions and services to our clients to help them reduce costs and take control of their assets"


Reduxo offers our clients Solutions and Services for Asset & Facilities Maintenance Management. 

  • Asset and Maintenance Management (sometimes referred to as Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) or Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) refers to processes and solutions that give organisations proactive and continuing visiblity and control over their assets and facilities.


"take control"



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Reduxo Mission Statement

We bring to our clients:

  • Solutions - The best affordable solutions the world has to offer
  • Processes - A thorough, structured approach to the way we work 
  • People - Highly experienced, committed and dependable people

...and we will underpin this with:

  • Service - A personal service cementing a long-standing relationship with our clients  
  • Transparency - Openness and measurable value for your investment

Our key criteria to achieve this are:  

  • Solutions that work, proven in use by hundreds, if not thousands, of users around the world
  • Solutions that are easy to setup (who has the time or desire to install overly complex software with projects that take way too long and have too many risks?)
  • Solutions that are modern, user friendly, enjoyable to use and that leverage mobile technology (we checked all of this out)
  • Solutions that are affordable (after all we're in the business of reducing costs, not adding costs)
  • Solutions that make use of the cloud, so you can get on with what you do best, and leave the maintenance of software to others

Simple right?  But often, so hard to find.  

You've found us.