How Technology Can Improve Physical Asset Audits

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Technology has greatly improved our process and consistency

Technology has been improving drastically over the past several years. By using the latest technology within our operations, we have improved our ability to conduct physical asset audits in an efficient manner. Therefore providing a solid foundation to your operations and help with accurate reporting, maintenance and lifecycle costings.

Consistent Format

There's nothing more frustrating than when you get inconsistent data on a physical asset audit, it upsets all of us here at Reduxo! We cannot allow that to happen and we must ensure that each person is verifying assets and buildings in same manner.  Otherwise it can make it difficult to get a realistic audit and establish the needs of the business. With technology, the data can be captured in a more consistent format.


By using mobility for physical audits, it allows us to control the audit and the auditor out in the field.  It ensures the data captured is fast, efficient and seamless for the auditor and ultimately for you.


Our audit process has improved significantly by using automation. We eliminate paper and therefore human error.  By setting up our audit forms with lists and tables, it speeds up the process and the quality of the audit data.

We are obsessed by the detail and the consistency of our audits, that is why we make it compulsory for all staff to get out onsite or "back on the tools".  Otherwise how can we ensure consistency and ease of use for the auditor???  That is the key to a successful audit.