Maximize Cross-Platform Partnerships with Software Vendors and Service Providers

Software Vendors and Services Providers need to look at how they work together.  Instead of the traditional vendor/customer relationship, software vendors and service providers should be prospecting, selling and closing deals together.  The mutual benefit unleashes ubiquitous paradigms to be exploited. 

Maximising innovative initiatives lead to long-term relationships not only for the software vendors and service providers but also more importantly for their joint customers.  Organisations need to focus and concentrate on core business, this applies to both software vendors and service providers.  Experience demonstrates that customers respect and engage with service providers who partner with software vendors for their expertise.  Customers demand service at a competitive price but also expect leading edge technology.

A good example is CMMS software vendors and facilities management service providers.  Working together they can deploy distributed vortals and increase revenue and profit.  Utilising best-of-breed web-readiness CMMS software solutions, FM service providers can concentrate on fulfilling their contract and extracting a profit.  In fact there is an opportunity for FM service providers to generate revenue from CMMS licences.  By providing real-time updates on jobs and live reporting via web based portals engages their customers.  Minimal graphical live reports can be provided at no charge providing a hint to what is available.  Gain sticky users, offer more detailed reports and charge accordingly.  Unleash value-added deliverables; ensure the Facilities Service Provider can produce his monthly reports with no work on his behalf and charge appropriately.  In this example, the Facilities Maintenance service provider may charge a Silver, Gold or Platinum service for access to live data.  The greater the service, the higher the charge.  The cost of the user licence to the Facilities Maintenance service provider remains the same; the CMMS software solution will be charging for management portal users at a set rate, the ongoing charge to the customer can be set by the Facilities Maintenance service provider.  It allows the service provider to integrate out-of-the-box users to create revenue.

This applies to all service providers whether Facilities or supporting other services such as maintaining mining equipment, heavy vehicles, communications gear.  All asset centric support services.

The benefit to the customer is transparency; they have access to data and reporting real-time.  The benefit to the service provider is access to the best available solution in which to provide their services, a new revenue stream and customer retention.  The benefit to the software vendor is increased user licences and customer retention.  Deploying B2B synergies is beneficial to all involved. 

Choosing the Best Hardware to run your Facilities Management Software

Which mobile device works best for you?  Each has their own benefits, let us show you why.

Which mobile device works best for you?  Each has their own benefits, let us show you why.

One of the great things about modern facilities management software is how easy it is to use it on mobile devices. Laptop computers, tablets, and smartphones can all be used with facilities management software, helping you make sure your asset maintenance information can be gathered quickly and efficiently no matter where the asset is. Just like it's important to make sure you choose the right facilities management software, it's important to make sure you outfit the right users with the right devices. Laptops, smartphones, and tablets are all ideal for some situations and less appropriate for others.

Laptops may not be generating as much excitement at the moment as tablets and smartphones, but they do have their advantages. Generally, laptops have larger screens than other kinds of mobile devices, which makes them suitable for capturing loads of data as opposed to data collected from smartphones and tablets. Because of its ease of entering data and writing reports and e-mails on a laptop, this device is frequently the centerpiece of a mobile office setup.

Although they are best known for their touch screen capabilities, tablets have some keyboard functionality as well. With larger screens than smartphones, they are well suited to tasks that require you to look at information in a bit of detail. In addition, the tablet is replacing the clipboard in situations where multiple users will be sharing a screen or filling out a form. 

Smartphones are the most portable of the mobile devices. Although they do not have as much storage space as do laptops and tablets, modern facilities management software is designed to function as well on a smartphone as it does on a laptop computer. Smartphones are ideal for situations where your employees must record minimal facilities management information on the go such as updating the status of a work order and closing the job. 

All of these devices can make it easier to maintain your facilities, whether you are managing one large site or several sites. Your company can maintain mobile offices and make it easy for your workers to use your facilities management software wherever your assets and facilities are located. Picking the right device for the job is a good way to make sure your facilities management operations run smoothly and efficiently.  In some cases, it can be a combination of all three devices depending on the type of user.

The hardware only works well if it is part of a great solution, Reduxo is here to help you find the best facilities management solution including hardware. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Improving Your Business Intelligence (BI) With Facilities Management Software

Many companies are exploring ways to increase their productivity and efficiency in this economic environment. A popular strategy being employed (along with handing out free Red Bulls and caffeine pills) is enhancing Business Intelligence (BI) through improving corporate data insight. Facilities Management Software helps you gather facility data, analyse that data, and glean valuable insight about your facility from the analysis which empowers you with all the tools you need to transform your processes and optimise the utilisation of your facilities. 

Gathering data through a physical asset stocktake and establishing an asset register are time consuming but once a system is implemented it will be easy to build on as you add new facilities or assets. During this phase it is imperative to focus on the accuracy and detail of your audit otherwise the old adage "rubbish in, rubbish out" will apply. The better the input is during the stocktake then the easier and higher quality the analysis will be.

With a high quality stocktake you will have a lot of accurate facilities asset data at your fingertips to analyse. If you utilise a best-of-breed facilities management solution you will be able to run a multitude of reports based on numerous relevant data fields. Hiring a stocktake and facilities management software expert will ensure that you are able to maximise the functionality of your software and thereby run all of the analysis you are hoping to run.


Equipped with superior data and a higher quality analysis of that data you will be able to glean valuable corporate insight regarding your business processes and facility utilisation. You can spot trends as they develop in real time instead of after they have already come and gone. This enhanced transparency and clarity will lead to more-informed decision making. It will also be extremely valuable from an asset compliance perspective by ensuring your operations department is tracking their compliance efforts to the fullest extent possible with accurate and up-to-the-minute data reports; this will also keep all interested parties well informed regarding the operation department's compliance with all of the pertinent regulations they need to adhere to.   

Finally, you will be able to use the insights you uncover to transform your processes and optimise your facility utilisation. You can modify inefficient processes and eliminate unnecessary ones. Optimising your facility utilisation and asset performance will cut costs and increase productivity.

Business Intelligence is all about improving your business to increase your competitive market advantage and best-of-breed facilities management software is one of the key components of superior Business Intelligence. If you've already tried the free Red Bulls and caffeine pills and the Law of Diminishing Returns is starting to kick in, then it may be time to try something new. If you would like to speak with a facilities management software expert about your specific situation please contact us to see how we can put our experience and expertise to work for you.