you have time to do an audit

You're Too Busy for an Asset audit

You've got it all on your plate.  All those day to day things that just happen because you make them happen.  You keep things ticking over and making sure everything is working. 

Then, it's audit time.  

We can hear the frustration from here.  

You're juggling a lot of other things to fit this in to your schedule.  How do you pull together the right team of people to get it done in time?  What kind of technology should you use to get the data that's needed? How will you capture the data?  What data do you need?  When do you need it?  The questions go on...  

We know how this goes.  Many of our clients have had the same challenges, but that's where we come in.  

We take care of your audit, so you can get on with the other important stuff.   


Physical asset audits

Physical asset audits

Facilities Audits

Facilities Audits

Asset Process review

Asset Process review

Barcode / RFID

Barcode / RFID

Trust the audit professionals

At Reduxo, asset auditing is our speciality  

We have audited aged care facilities, child care centres, corporate clients, RSL clubs, retail outlets and much more.  Whether it is plant and equipment, Information Technology assets or something else.  Whatever your industry, whatever your challenge, our audits can give you what you need.  

Accurate Data  

We understand how important it is to have the right data. From beginning to end, we will manage your project, ensuring that we know exactly what information you need. Once we know your requirements, our professional team will conduct your audit, and bring you the information you need in a format you can use straight away.

Whether it is to be used for projections, budgets, reports or recommendations, the data we give you will be up to date, accurate and trustworthy. 

That's what we do!


Don't just take our word for it

Here's Maxine, one of our clients...

I was overwhelmed by the idea of having to do an audit, and when I learnt about Reduxo, saw their expertise, heard that they knew my industry, it became pretty clear they would be able to do my audit quicker than I could pull a team of people together to get it done.

I’m so glad I trusted Reduxo with this work. It was such a relief to get accurate data in the format I needed. I could finalise my report and recommendations in time to get budgets done. All this while still ticking off all the other things on my to-do list! I can’t recommend Reduxo highly enough.
— Maxine - Procurement Manager

See more of our client case studies at this link.

Take This one thing Off your list

You know what?  We can't promise you that letting us take care of your audit will change your life.  

Your To-Do list might never look like the one in the image on the right.  (Do they ever?)

What we CAN do is take one thing off it.  A big thing for you.  

We can take this big thing, and by applying our processes and experience to it, make it into a small thing.

One small thing for you to do.  

Get Reduxo to do my audit!  


How do we do it? 

We've learnt that having the audit process right will give us a great audit result in a timely manner regardless of what it is we are auditing.  

The first step is to ensure the right data is to be collected. We configure our audits to meet your need.  You can then leave the rest to us, knowing that we have your goals in mind.  

We then conduct the audit.  We bar-code your equipment if you need us to.  We bring all of the data together.  We give it to you in a format you can use.  

It really couldn't be easier!

THe perfect to-do list - an imaginary story

THe perfect to-do list - an imaginary story

Trust Reduxo - Your Asset Audit Partner

We have over 100 years of asset auditing experience on our team - meet them here!

We work with many different sized companies and facilities service providers with complex audit requirements all the time.

We guarantee our work! 

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  What can we do to give you more time...

Asset Audit?

Relocation Audit?

IT Audit?

Facilities Audit?

Or something else? 

asset audit to-do list

Talk to us today.  Let's get one big thing off your list.