What is the Real cost of paper-based systems?

Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (aka: Asset Maintenance Software) have become standard fixtures in companies with daily work orders to be completed in a specific time frame. Paper-based CMMS systems allow each worker to receive daily print-outs of the maintenance or installation jobs they need to complete, along with any special instructions or considerations. While a paper-based CMMS has its advantages in terms of basic efficiency, it also comes with hidden costs, and these costs extend far beyond the expenses of ink and paper. These drawbacks are often not apparent to the company owner and upper management right away, but their effects can accumulate over time and lead to a reactive rather than a truly proactive system for managing daily operations. Implementing a Mobile CMMS system allows each worker access to a digital upload of each work order, as well as other important data about facility assets and readings, and this information can be updated much more efficiently.

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