eRequester is PunchOut Certified

Reduxo's eRequester users can now implement PunchOut for their vendors

Reduxo's eRequester users can now implement PunchOut for their vendors

eRequester e-procurement solution is now certified as PunchOut Ready, which validates its streamlined online ordering process from requisition through receiving leveraging the Procurement PunchOut protocol. The certification comes from Supplier Solutions, Inc., a company that specialises in vendor PunchOut integration services. Supplier Solutions validates vendors and procurement solutions for cXML compliance to ensure streamlined connectivity between vendors and buyers. 

As retailers use online shopping as a streamlined way of connecting goods and services to their customers, B2B suppliers are also benefitting from electronic ordering via e-procurement. Procurement managers are able to leverage a specific electronic ordering protocol called Procurement PunchOut to be able to order from their vendors in real-time. 

E-procurement and spend management software developer, Paperless Business Systems leverages the PunchOut data transfer protocol to be able to offer eCatalog ordering options for its customers.  Randy Pape, President and CEO of Paperless explains the benefits:

"Traditional procurement processes have historically involved paper based requisition and purchase order forms and a lot of back and forth between an organisation's buyers, the original requester and their vendors.  It leads to duplication of effort as well as less control and oversight over the procurement process and the costs involved.  Using eRequester as the eprocurement system provides a predictable process and improved ordering communication, both in-house and with outside vendors, an a prove method of managing costs via a built-in approval process." 

With the official PunchOut Ready certification, online ordering from eRequester, already highly rated for ease-of-use by Gartner, is even more straightforward. The turnkey and enterprise solutions from Supplier Solutions offer vendors an eRequester integration module for ease of integration. eRequester customers gain access to over 1,000 PunchOut Ready vendor eCatalogs from Supplier Solutions with which they can establish buyer relationships. 

This news article was originally released by Paperless Business Systems, more detail is available by clicking here