Employees of the Month

We have been busy on a number of projects this month but the most rewarding has been 7 hotels completing an asset audit in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney.

To ensure consistency of data, some of the staff stayed in Brisbane and Sydney at the hotels including our "employees of the month" Michael and Allison.  Our Canadian auditors have worked on 2 projects for us over the last 9 months and are on their way home today.  We are both happy and sad.  Happy to have worked and played with them and sad to see them go. 

Michael was introduced to us through an agency in Sydney.  Not only was he great with the tablets, barcode scanners and audit software he was extra tall and able to reach exit lights without a ladder, keeping him safe and Reduxo's safety record in tact.  He asked a lot of relevant questions and soon became one of our best auditors.  He text'd our project manager Leanne one day saying how his girlfriend Allison was way smarter than him and would be a great auditor.  In the next few weeks we took on Allison as well and Michael was right, she was a great auditor and superior to her colleagues with the number of assets she audited per day and more importantly the accuracy.   Allison's stature meant she was much better suited to assets closer to the ground and so they became a formidable team working on high and low assets.  Michael practised his aussie slang via text  using words such as mate, bonza and fair dinkum with Allison correcting him on the correct use but he did try!

Once the Sydney project finished, they traveled for a while but kept in contact and made their way to Melbourne.  To ensure they had a true Melbourne experience we arranged to take them to an AFL game Carlton v Collingwood at the MCG with over 80,000 people.  We traded sports stories (our footy, their ice hockey), food (our meat pies, their maple syrup) and bonded over sport.  Whilst our accents were different, our sports different and our food different, we were really pretty much the same.  Canadians and Australians work hard, love to travel, love sport and to meet others. 

So when the hotel project commenced it was a great opportunity for Michael and Allison to work in Melbourne and then in Brisbane and Sydney.  We opened the returned parcel yesterday with their Reduxo polo shirts, tablets, barcodes, etc and there was a lovely thank you note and a doodle of them both as "employees of the month".  We think you were both employees of the month and safe travels home, keep in touch.