Asset Management Single Source of Truth in Charlotte North Carolina

Reduxo’s Leanne Cluley was recently in Charlotte North Carolina to speak at the International Facilities Management Association (IFMA) Work Wokplace Conference on Asset Management Single Source of Truth.

With the assistance of our marketing guru Heather Smith from Write Approach Marketing, we came up with the idea that Asset Management or more specifically Asset Audit Data is Big Data. Let’s make that a bit more interesting and simpler to understand and call it a Big Thing. Then let’s “Australianise” it and when we think of Big Things in Australia we think of the Big Banana, the Big Pineapple, etc.

So what started as an asset audit data presentation on the importance of having an accurate asset base became a history lesson on Australia’s Big Things. Our international friends were able to relate as they also have Big Things or as they call them in America, Large Roadside Attractions!

IFMA WW Montage.jpg

The presentation concentrated on the importance of asset auditing but also why and how. Leanne shared many case studies of projects she has been involed in over the years and how they affect the ongoing management and lifecycle of the assets.

Leanne said “….it was a privledge to be invited to speak. The sharing of case studies ensured the particpants were able to relate to the benefits of completing an asset audit and having an accurate asset base to plan and mantain their facilities”.