Asset Management Single Source of Truth in Charlotte North Carolina

Reduxo’s Leanne Cluley was recently in Charlotte North Carolina to speak at the International Facilities Management Association (IFMA) Work Wokplace Conference on Asset Management Single Source of Truth.

With the assistance of our marketing guru Heather Smith from Write Approach Marketing, we came up with the idea that Asset Management or more specifically Asset Audit Data is Big Data. Let’s make that a bit more interesting and simpler to understand and call it a Big Thing. Then let’s “Australianise” it and when we think of Big Things in Australia we think of the Big Banana, the Big Pineapple, etc.

So what started as an asset audit data presentation on the importance of having an accurate asset base became a history lesson on Australia’s Big Things. Our international friends were able to relate as they also have Big Things or as they call them in America, Large Roadside Attractions!

IFMA WW Montage.jpg

The presentation concentrated on the importance of asset auditing but also why and how. Leanne shared many case studies of projects she has been involed in over the years and how they affect the ongoing management and lifecycle of the assets.

Leanne said “….it was a privledge to be invited to speak. The sharing of case studies ensured the particpants were able to relate to the benefits of completing an asset audit and having an accurate asset base to plan and mantain their facilities”.

Reduxo Launches Market-First Rolling Asset Service

Fixed Price Gives 30% Saving On Ad Hoc Asset Management  And Continual Updates For Compliance And Auditing

Asset management specialist, Reduxo, has launched a market-first rolling audit service to help property management, leisure, mining, aged care facilities and retail companies avoid financial misappropriation and remain compliant when it comes to managing and disposing assets that sit on the company balance sheet.

The service allows organisations to take control of their physical assets, often numbering into the thousands, in what is a largely neglected yet significant component of a company's finances.

Reduxo will maintain an organisations asset register by barcoding “new” assets and verifying existing assets. The process will ensure the asset register is maintained and the client will be provided with any changes to locations and updates either in an agreed Excel format for import into their financial system or Reduxo can use their existing mobile audit solution and update directly.

“We've launched this service not just to help companies save money but also to avoid the blame game that typically takes place when it comes to board level review of assets. Often people don't know what  assets they have, how much they cost to maintain, and whether they need to be retired, and worse, whether they are compliant. This is a precarious scenario for many vertical sectors, such as healthcare provision, IT, resources companies, or the leisure & retail industries said Leanne Cluley, Director at Reduxo.

Organisations in Australia need a complete and accurate asset register for combined operational and financial purposes, and ongoing asset additions and disposals need to be managed. Typically, an organisation may perform ad hoc audits at a point of acquisition, merger or time of financial difficulty yet neglect to maintain up-to-date records in between times.

Reduxo's service offers an upfront fixed fee, regardless of how many assets are under management, and represents a 30% reduction of the average ad hoc asset audit. It also means that assets are visible and accounted for at any given time.

Having accurate data available is important to:

·       make ongoing financial decisions on assets,

·       allow operations to track assets for availability

·       allow operations to maintain assets to ensure compliance (financial, essential services and OH&S)

·       ensure operations and finance are aware of additions for pro-active maintenance.

More information on this service is available, click here