Ongoing or Rolling Asset Audits

Let us take on the planning and RESPONSIBILITY of your asset audits

Let us take on the planning and RESPONSIBILITY of your asset audits

Periodical Audits or Stocktakes Over a Select Time

Now that the initial physical asset is wrapped up and you have a complete and accurate asset register, how are you going to maintain it?

Ongoing asset additions and disposals need to be managed and Reduxo are pleased to offer this service.  The benefits of ongoing asset audits can be described as follows:

Having accurate data available:

  1. To make ongoing financial decisions on assets
  2. To know where assets are so they can be utilised
  3. To ensure all assets are maintained for compliance
  4. To keep Finance and operational departments such as IT and Facilities aligned.

What are Rolling Audits?

We will maintain your asset register including barcoding (optional) of β€œnew” assets and verifying existing assets.  Reduxo will provide a tablet and barcode scanner and the service will include the following:

  1. Onsite every 2 months to barcode new assets
  2. Onsite every 2 months to audit assets by area.  A plan will be created to ensure each area will be visited over 36 months.

This means instead of one big all consuming asset audit project every few years, we will continually audit or as we say provide a rolling audit.

We have crunched the numbers.......based on audits we have completed and comparing those costs to the ongoing rolling audit cost, the average savings is 30%.

If you have your own mobility audit tool then we are happy to utilise it, this will ensure data is updated directly or alternatively we will supply the data in an agreed format such as Excel to upload into your solutions.  Either way, it is all about have an accurate asset register that is always up to date.

Make plans and budget based on accurate asset data.


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