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The physical auditing of IT assets using our consistent and proven approach ensures accuracy

The physical auditing of IT assets using our consistent and proven approach ensures accuracy

Information Technology Audits / IT Audits or Stocktakes require planning and attention to detail.

As with the other asset audits we complete, the goal is about having an accurate asset register. Operationally, it is crucial to have the correct data to make important decisions about:

  1. Upgrades - How can you upgrade if you don't know what you have.
  2. Leased Assets - You really do need to know where these are, you are being charged a monthly fee and in some cases more than just the lease fee but all in support, software, etc
  3. Others are after a "Single Source of Truth" and want to reconcile their existing asset register with finance. (we can assist with the reconciliation as well if you like)
  4. An up to date asset register to provide service providers when outsourcing.
  5. As preparation for a relocation.  Always good to know what you have before you move and ensure the hardware moves from "A" to "B".

We are independent and "get in and get out" quickly and efficiently without disrupting the business of keeping your IT operations running smoothly.

We can do all IT including hardware, data centres, audio visual, mobile hardware.

We can barcode if you like, this has a number of benefits including:

  1. Makes for quick ongoing audits.
  2. Identifies the asset as yours.
  3. Reduces human error.
  4. Can be a unique identifier for multiple use, such as Finance, IT and Operations.

We have a wealth of experience of dealing with IT and understand the environment.   Our auditors have the knowledge and expertise to complete the audit efficiently and accurately.

We can also assist with software auditing, get the full picture, give us a call and ask how.




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