Aged Care Asset Audits

Whilst we don't audit the resident's feet, we do identify all of the assets!

Whilst we don't audit the resident's feet, we do identify all of the assets!

Aged Care asset audits or stocktakes seem to be very popular at the moment, we  have become experts in this space purely by doing so many! 

As with the other asset audits we complete, the goal is about having an accurate asset register.  Why do they do it?

  1. Sometimes our clients include our audit services as part of a project to implement of a facilities maintenance system, this allows them to schedule maintenance and plan lifecycle costings based on an accurate asset base.  
  2. Others are after a "Single Source of Truth" and want to reconcile their existing asset register, either finance or operations or sometimes both!  (we can assist with the reconciliation as well if you like)
  3. An up to date asset register to provide maintenance service providers when outsourcing.
  4. The didn't get the tick from their external auditors on the asset register so bring us in to verify the assets.

We are independent and "get in and get out" quickly and efficiently without disrupting the business of looking after residents.

We can complete all types of assets from High Low Electrical Beds to Temperature Mixing Valves to Emergency Exit Lighting.  

We can barcode if you like, this has a number of benefits including:

  1. Identifies the asset as yours as opposed to a resident.
  2. Identifies individual assets for maintenance and ongoing costs. 
  3. Reduces human error.
  4. Can be a unique identifier for multiple use, such as Finance, IT and Operations.

The other interesting element to Aged Care Audits is the "chat factor".  We have a wealth of experience of dealing with your clientele and understand the environment.   We understand that your residents are that "residents", this is their home and we are entering their personal space. We are respectful and also know when to "chat" and still get the job done!

Happy and safe residents, happy families, happy and safe staff!

Click here to read our Aged Care Asset Audit Case Study



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