Relocation Asset Audits

Need to identify the assets being relocated, let us help

Need to identify the assets being relocated, let us help

Asset Audits on the move....

We have been involved in a number of asset audits as part of a corporate relocation exercise.   

Sometimes the customer doesn't know what he has in order to obtain a relocation quote, so we do an initial audit to capture and identify the assets.  Often they call us back to confirm the assets are there at the new premises.

We work with Relocation Consultants or Specialist Removalists, we are the "arms and legs" that identify the assets and we can keep track of those assets through the planning stage to final relocation.

How involved do you need us?  We are happy to initially capture the information and provide it to the removalist or relocation consultant or we can be involved from the commencement and planning stages through to the final outcome. 

Who is our customer?

  1. It could be the builder of the new premises
  2. The organisation who are moving
  3. The Removalist company
  4. Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment (FF&E) supplier
  5. Relocation Consultant

We don't mind, we can work with all of you!

We have been involved in a diversified range of relocation projects, from IT and Data Centres to Hospitals, Offices and Libraries, we can assist.

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