Construction Asset Tracking

As with any construction project, there will be many assets involved such as FF&E

As with any construction project, there will be many assets involved such as FF&E

Hand over and responsibility of Assets in Construction Contracts

We have been involved in a number of asset tracking projects as part of a construction project.   

We often work for the contractor and/or the prospective owner of the building. Sometimes the owner doesn't know which assets are moving into the new building, so we do an initial audit to capture and identify the moving assets.  Typically though we work with the contractor to ensure FF&E and other assets have been tracked to their final destination, commissioned and "handed over".

Working with the contractor, we can provide a full solution to track the assets through the planning stage to finalisation of the contract.  This can include software, barcoding, mobility hardware, staff.

How involved do you need us?  We are happy to provide a hosted solution which you can purchase for the duration of the contract.  This will give you the ability to manage assets from supplier to storage to onsite with a full audit trail.  The software can even manage commissioning such as installation and test and tag.

Having the ability to provide a list of the assets and where they are now as part of the hand over and sign off of the contract is ideal for both parties.  The contractor is assured he has provided assets as agreed.  The owner has the added benefit of being able to implement asset management from day one based on accurate asset data.

We have been involved in a diversified range of construction projects, from IT and Data Centres to Hospitals, Offices and Libraries, we can assist.

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