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physical asset audit - needle in a haystack

Find the data you need – without all the effort

We all know the saying ‘it’s like finding a needle in a haystack’ – so there are two key parts to that.  The searching part – before you find the needle – can be long, tedious and painful.  Sometimes, it can even be unsuccessful.  You might NOT find the needle in the haystack.  The other part is the joy of finding – the ‘aha’ moment.  You’ve found the needle, now you can do whatever it is you always wanted to do with the needle! 

So it is with the data you need from your asset audit.  The asset audit process (if you’re unsure or inexperienced at it) can be tedious and painstaking, and if it’s not set up right from the beginning, could end up in you not having the right data at the end.  In that situation, your time is wasted AND you have no usable data. 

And when your asset audit doesn't capture everything you need, it can result in uncomfortable discussions about why, it means the possibility of having to do the audit again and it means cost!  Yes, regardless of whether you do the audit in-house or whether you outsource your audit, if you don’t get it right the first time it will cost you, whether in time or actual invoices if you paid someone to do it.  Not to mention the consequences of using asset data that isn't correct...  Imagine building entire maintenance plans or even doing your financial reporting based on asset audit data that basically isn't REAL.

Get it Right - the First time!

What this means for you is that you HAVE to get it right, the FIRST time.  No one wants to have justify a second or third round of expense to their funding department or client.  Taking too much time - or having to re-do an audit - is costly, and we all know time = money.  In these tight financial times, both of those things = profit (or loss of it).  

The key to getting your physical asset audit right the first time is in understanding the asset audit process. 

Physical Asset Audits

Physical asset audits (sometimes referred to as ‘stocktakes’) form the foundation for any Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) or Facilities Management (FM) system.  Data in these systems is critical for operational and financial reasons.  An accurate asset register is the way to ensure decisions made are based on current, up-to-date, reliable information. 

The Secret to Our Asset Audit Method

It's all about YOU!

For Reduxo to be able to gather the accurate asset data we promise, our first step each and every time we conduct an audit is learning
We spend the time understanding what your asset register needs, what it will be used for, what data needs to be captured, and in what format will it need to be exported.  Together we’ll determine the fields that are essential for your success.  

Depending on your industry, we tailor and customise which data fields we use. To give you an idea, though, here are a few examples of fields that we commonly complete in an asset audit:

Reduxo asset audit team on site at a major transport company

Reduxo asset audit team on site at a major transport company

  • Location

  • Asset Category

  • Make/Model

  • Description

  • Serial Numbers

  • Condition

  • Defects

  • Photos

And whatever else your organisation may need…

We check this information with you prior to undertaking the audit to make sure the data capture fields are agreed.  We run a pilot asset audit to test what data we're collecting to make sure it's right, and only then with your agreement - we head off into the greater world of your full asset audit.  Don't worry though - we'll keep you up to date every step of the way, and we'll have your audit done in less time that it would take for you to find the right staff, make an audit plan and get it going internally.  

Our project process is what ensures the success of our audit projects, it's what we've developed over time as our IP (Intellectual Property).  This process is regularly reviewed, updated and improved with each and every project, and adapted as technologies change and our methodology progresses.  The value to you is in the vast amount of experience this brings to your audit project.  We cover all the key areas, including (but not limited to) Risk Management; Communications; Cost; Quality and more...  important things that you can trust us to take care of.  

We chose Reduxo because they provided the support and flexibility we needed. They took the time to understand our environment and our unique challenges.
— National Gallery of Victoria - Asset & Facilities Team

What’s the point?

Oh, the needle puns just keep coming…  but we digress.  

The most important aspect of our asset audit process is understanding your purpose.

If we have a clear understanding of what your data is going to be used for, we can make sure that the audit will deliver what you need to achieve those tasks.  

Getting our geek on

Asset Audit Software - Asset Audit App

Once we understand exactly what you need to audit, well start getting our technology side of things rolling.  Now, we’re not actually incredibly geeky, but we do love to use the latest equipment and software available to us.  What we use includes Android and iOS apps, and quality bar code readers integrated into our system to capture data accurately.  It's all about efficiency and effectiveness.  

If you’ve already got software that you’d rather us use, we’re OK with that too.  Using these technologies, we can gather the audit data quickly, accurately and with very little opportunity for human error.  


All types of assets

If you’re thinking “I wonder if Reduxo deal with MY type of assets” have a look at this list of asset types we’ve audited in the past: 

  • Furniture and Fittings

  • Essential Services (Emergency Exit Signs, Fire Safety Equipment, etc)

  • Fleet (Motor Vehicles, Tractors, etc)

  • Facilities Services (HVAC, Boilers, Air Handlers, Switchboards, Fan Units, etc)

  • Kitchen Equipment (Hotboxes, Bain-maries, Exhausts, Fridges, Combi-Ovens, etc)

  • Audio Visual Equipment

  • Information Technology or IT Hardware (PC's, Printers, Network gear, etc)

  • Security Equipment (CCTV, Cameras, Turnstiles, etc)

  • Building Fabric (Walls, floors, paths, etc)

Have no fear, though.  The great thing about our methodology is that it applies regardless of industry and asset types.  If your asset type or industry doesn’t seem to be on this list, we are up for the challenge.  Find out about our experience across industries by clicking here

Giving you the needle

Going back to our needle and haystack analogy, this bit sounds painful.  But this is most definitely NOT the case.  We make this process as quick and painless as possible.  Once we have captured your asset audit data, our quality control analysts have scrutinised it, and we’ve got it in the format you need, we pass it on to you.  It’s more like handing the needle over to you resting on cotton wool and sealed in a glass box. 

Presenting your asset audit data - the needle in the haystack

You get your asset audit data, without all the pain. 

You get your asset data in a format that can be used straight away.

You get your asset data without having to pay for expensive new software. 

What more could you want?

Oh, you want your asset audit done quickly because you have a deadline? 

No sweat.  Our experienced asset audit team will be in and have the audit completed faster (and cheaper) than you could recruit, train, set up and complete an in-house asset audit. 

But wait there's more... 

Because we want you to succeed in the future, we'll also provide you with a detailed report on the project we do that identifies recommendations for improving your asset management processes for the future.  

Take the next step

You know you need that asset audit done, and we are here to help.  

Where can we audit? The map below shows you where we’ve been so far…

Reduxo Audit Coverage - Satellite Version.JPG

Custom made solutions

See how we can help you

Without the advice Reduxo provided, we would have had a flawed start to our stocktake process. They helped us deal with our historical issues, so we had the data and processes we needed to make better decisions for the future.
— Tony Henshaw, National Gallery of Victoria

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